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Undead knights PSP ISO       

Today here on TecroNet, I’m here with another action-adventurous ppsspp game, Tiltled Undead Knights android psp.

Undead Knights For Android Highly Compressed ISO in 336MB  is available for you to play it in your Android & iOS Device too using PPSSPP Emulator.

What Is Undead Knights PSP ISO

Undead Knight is a video game for the PlayStation Portable, developed by Team Tachyon, based on a medieval setting where the player is basically a zombie-creating overlord.

There is an option to play as three characters, all of who were brutally murdered by the order of the king and want revenge on him.

The story follows a trio of knights: Romulus Blood (Keith Ferguson), a human knight and former head of the House of Blood who made a Faustian bargain with an unseen demon known as The Beast (Steve Blum)

Features Of Undead Knights PSP ISO


The game’s controls and mechanics are similar to the Warriors series albeit with additional gimmicks involving zombies.

  1. Square is used to perform normal attack strings while
  2. Triangle activates more powerful strikes.
  3. X has two different functions: jumping and evading.
  4. The circle is a grab that turns regular enemies into zombies. Up to 10 zombies can be created at a time


The three protagonists are Romulus Blood, Remus Blood, and Sylvia Blood. The enemies or antagonists to fight are;

  • Captain Gerard
  • Lord Follis
  • Francesca
  • Duke Gloucester
  • Skarsgard
  • Fatima
  • Bloody Haggarty
  • The Beast

A Timer Guage

A timer gauge indicates how many seconds the player has to convert their victim; taking too long will cause them to escape.

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Multiplayer Mode

Allows players to challenge one another via ad-hoc multiplayer missions that are divided into three different categories.

  • Survival Race – A timed challenge where up to four players must outlive the other by any means necessary.
  • King Battle – The goal of this challenge is to defeat the boss first before any of the other players do. Players can disable rival zombies by touching candlesticks that appear in the area.
  • Undead Battle – Two players are tasked with attacking each other using their respective zombie hordes. The objectives for winning vary depending on the type of mission selected in this challenge.

New multiplayer missions become available after clearing certain chapters on any difficulty level.

  • Survival Race Mission 4 – Clear Chapter 9.
  • Survival Race Mission 5 – Clear Chapter 20.
  • King Battle Mission 3 – Clear Chapter 6.
  • King Battle Mission 4 – Clear Chapter 9.
  • King Battle Mission 5 – Clear Chapter 15.

The In-game Location

Duchy of Gloucester – The domain of Duke Gloucester. House Blood lost their lives there and were supposedly buried at Tombstone Hill. Other locations include Fort Allessa and Grosstin Castle.

Realm of the Knights – An area where the Knights of the Holy Tree are stationed at. It is filled to the brim with guards and siege weaponry. To reach Woodedge Castle, one must go through Victory Road and Wall Citadel first.

Dracoon – A violent land ruled by Lord Follis, the people fear those who rule over the domain. The intricate layouts and death traps within Wilhelm Citadel and Rondegarde Castle reflect the sadistic nature of Dracoon’s king.

Cavalier – A commonwealth kingdom led by King Kirk. Near the kingdom’s castle is Altalia Citadel where the worshipers of Fatima reside. The defenses for each location are more robust and fortified than any other area.


These range from defeating a specified number of enemies to breaching certain areas using zombies. Checkpoints are marked by a white dot on the stage map.

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Kill Enemies And Gain Points

Killing off enemies or destroying objects yield souls that serve as bonus points to acquire dark energy needed for unlocking new skills. The more souls they collect, the higher their ranking will be.

The Green Soul Pot

Pots contain green souls that fully restore health while treasure chests bear red souls that completely fill up the Wrath gauge.

These are found sparingly and should only be used during emergency situations.

Details On Undead knights PSP ISO

App NameUndead knights 
DeveloperTeam Tachyon
PublisherTecmo Koei
GenreAction, Adventure
PlatformPSP Emulator For Android
Image FormatPSP ISO
Last UpdateNovember 29, 2021

How To Install Undead knights PSP ISO For Android

  • Download Zarchiver PSP Emulator from here and install it.
  • Then Open Zarchiver PSP Emulator and Close it for creating PSP Folder in the SD Card.
  • DownloadUndead knights mod and Undead knights PSP ISO, both files links are given below.
  • After Downloading all files Extract them because it’s in RAR and Zip format.
  • ExtractUndead knights Mod then you will see 3 Folders [ Game, Save Data, and Textures].
  • Copy Game Folder and paste in PSP Folder and replace it.
  • Then Copy Save Data Folder and Paste into the PPSSPP folder and replace it.
  • Copy TEXTURES Folder and Paste in PSP Folder.
  • Open PSP Emulator and Select ISO One Beowulf: The Game PSP ISO
  • Start to play Undead knights PSP ISO on Android.

Conclusion on Undead knights PPSSPP ISO

In conclusion, help these three prominent members who were brought back to life by the power of necromancy to commit slaughter in the name of vengeance, so make sure the trio rampage across the land and seek to avenge themselves against those who caused their deaths in the first place.

All the information you need to know about Undead knights PSP ISO  has been provided, so don’t hesitate to download click the download above and you can enjoy the vast world of Undead knights PSP ISO

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