The Best Billing and Invoicing App

The Best Billing and Invoicing App


What’s the best receipt maker or billing software that you should look out for? A free invoice maker is essential for any sort of business, and fortunately, there are many apps out there to help you out!

Usually, in multinationals, there are accounting teams to deal with invoices and the tasks concerning it, but as a small-scale business owner, it’s far more feasible and financially convenient to rely on a free invoice maker.

An Ease for Your Business

Do you want to create an estimate? Send the invoice to the client? Process a secure payment? Nevertheless, a free invoice maker is there to help you with your task, making your day-to-day job easier, no matter the hurdle. With a wide range of software available, it isn’t easy to choose one, but we’ll detail each app, and one of it might fit according to your particular needs.

Which Device to Use?

Should you use your computer to process your business’s bill or invoice? It’s high time that we move over to better alternatives. It’s 2020, and as the world continues to progress, our reliance on mobility and productivity is also rising. Business transactions are slowly moving towards mobile phones, and you should take the utmost advantage of that fact.

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So, let’s move forward to take a look at free invoice maker apps, which will surely help you grow your business. A reminder that all of these apps are free-to-use and have been thoroughly reviewed by us.

Invoice Maker – Create Invoices & Billing Receipt

Invoice Maker App is a simple and user-friendly app that processes the most complicated invoices easily. It’s an application that hardly consumes much space on your phone and works as per your expectations.

It is helping you with tasks like creating invoices receipt maker and managing receipts, as well as helping you safeguard your business’s earnings through its quick interface. Want to preview an invoice? This free invoice maker is available for you.



A customizable invoice field


There’s a free trial.

Requires premium for custom invoices

Invoice & Billing: Estimate, Inventory, Accounting

Here’s a free invoice maker that is efficient but has a platitude of services to offer. This software not only helps with invoices but has an entire theme for billing records and generating reports out of it.

As the name suggests, the app caters to different needs and delivers in every aspect. If you’re managing your income, auditing and then eventually taxing it, this invoice making app is for you.


Can handle estimation, inventory, accounting and the usual all in one go

An easy-to-use interface


Data syncing across devices isn’t efficient

Most advanced features require an in-app payment

Wave Invoice

Wave Invoice is a free receipt maker with several useful features that you can be useful for your business. An invoice section, an accounting section, and receipt scanning as well as automatically saving reminders depending on the input, Wave comes occupied with a lot more features than just these common ones.

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Even though its interface might be rough at times, its features make it stand out. Also, Wave’s online payment processing requires additional payment, unfortunately. That isn’t going to affect most users, however.


Multitude of services

No limit to the number of invoices


Online payment processing isn’t available in the free version.

Slow processing at times

Invoice Maker: Estimate & Invoice App

An organized free invoice maker with a minimalistic design, it has a lot to offer. From bills, invoices, estimates, generally managing dates, and even take out a PDF through it. With most typical invoicing features and management tools, Invoice Maker can grab anyone’s attention instantly.


Appealing design – minimalistic

You can send estimates and quotes to customers – a noteworthy feature.


It can only use three invoices as a part of a free trial

The latest updates have a few bugs.

Zoho Invoice – Online Invoicing & Billing Software

Zoho invoice specifically targets small-scale businesses and has a rapid and friendly interface to support it. Particularly designed for Invoicing, the app solely focuses on it and has all the basic features, creating instantaneous invoices as a free invoice maker.


A fast and smooth interface

Focuses on invoices


It requires a £7.50 payment monthly for additional features

Lack of Customer Support


It’s clear that no matter what’s the type of business, having a free invoice maker by your side is essential to not only succeed but even manage it. These apps can also be used by freelancers, entrepreneurs, or anyone who needs such features in their professional life. With constant budget drains and with the ongoing recession, it’s fair to invest in the free invoice maker software that we’ve listed.

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