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GNLD Neolife Vitamin E Plus 200 capsules 275 IU


Nature’s “master antioxidant” and an essential nutrient, vitamin E supports overall health and vitality. Research especially links higher vitamin E levels with strengthened immunity and cardiovascular health. NeoLife’s Vitamin E Plus is more than just alpha-tocopherol: It provides balanced ratios of the entire vitamin E family of tocopherols and tocotrienols as they exist in whole foods. Its water-miscible foundation is pure, cold-pressed wheat germ oil with lecithin, a natural emulsifier

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Why you need NeoLife vitamin E

Adding NeoLife vitamin E to your diet just may add years to your life! Decades of scientific studies prove that vitamin E is extremely effective in promoting long-term good health and longevity. It’s no wonder people are embracing the antioxidant power of daily E, which is known to support a healthy cardiovascular system, healthy immune function, and young-looking skin.

GNLD NeoLife vitamin E is so important that without it, men may have problems with their prostate gland and fertility.

By protecting cell membranes and blood lipids against oxidative damage, NeoLife vitamin E supports healthy circulation, normal cholesterol levels, healthy cellular activity, optimal eye health, normal blood sugar levels, and more.

With benefits like these, you’ll want to get the very best vitamin E supplement on the market: GNLD Vitamin E!

Why NeoLife Vitamin E?
  • Features the entire vitamin E family from whole food sources. GNLD’s Vitamin E with Lecithin and Wheatgerm oil provides the entire vitamin E family of tocopherols and tocotrienols − not just alpha-tocopherol − in balanced ratios that occur in natural whole foods.
  • A foundation of pure wheat germ oil. Cold-pressed, unrefined wheat germ oil is the product base.
  • High-potency. Delivers 200 IU d-alpha tocopherol plus 50 mg of non-alpha tocopherol family members.
  • Water-miscible for improved absorption. GNLD’s water-miscible formulation quickly disperses into small particles that are easily absorbed.
  • Soft-gel capsules dissolve quickly.
  • Natural, not synthetic. Natural vitamin E has twice the potency of lower−cost, petrochemical-based synthetic forms. Studies show that given the choice between natural or synthetic vitamin E, the body − especially the cardiovascular system and major organs − preferentially takes up natural E!

GNLD NeoLife Vitamin E (All 8 parts) – Actual Demo to differentiate between GNLD Natural Vitamin E(d) and Synthetic Vitamin E(dl)

Benefits of NeoLife Vitamin E Supplement

NeoLife Vitamin E delivers multi-targeted phytonutrient power! Scientific evidence shows that a diet rich in vitamin E will:

  • Help Smooth, and bring youthful skin. Encourages healthy cellular renewal, even after UV exposure
  • Stimulate immune response.
  • Regulate cellular metabolism. Vitamin E is critical to the health of the cellular membrane and mitochondrial metabolism.
  • Inhibit the formation of nitrosamines, which have been associated with alterations in healthy cell growth.
  • Spare selenium and protect vitamin A from degradation in the body.
  • Regulate prostaglandins (natural biochemical that constrict smooth muscles and control platelet clumping).
  • Protect cell membranes from attack by free radicals.
  • Prevents heart disease.
  • Be Good for hot flushes, anaemia, blood clot, high cholesterol, ulcer, short breath, chest pain and leg cramps
  • Reduces Fibrocystic of breast lump/breast tenderness
  • Scarring from wounds
  • Prevents Prostate cancer for smokers
  • Prevents Heart Disease
  • Helpful for Early sign of ageing ( premature ageing)
  • Helpful for Angina Pain (strong chest pain)
  • Boost energy (sportsmen and women need it)
  • Spontaneous abortion (miscarriage)
  • Be helpful for eye Cataracts
  • Reduces Menstrual problems
  • Increase Low sperm count


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