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An energy filled day begins with the right combination of high quality protein, plus carbohydrates. Proteins build and replace body cells. Protein itself is made up of amino acids. Amino acids must all be present and in balance, for protein tofunction properly in the body. There are 22 amino acids, and eight of them are considered “dietary essentials”. Children and other picky eaters need nutrient-dense foods but the tasty foods they may prefer are often loaded with excessive sucrose and/or fat.A delicious protein rich drink available in vanilla, strawberry or chocolate and suitable for the whole family. Mixed with milk or fruit juice, Nutrishake provides high quality protein with all 22 amino acids. Vitamin enrichment provides added nutritional balance

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GNLD NeoLife Nutrishake why Protein Shake supplement

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For Adult, Two scoops of Gnld NeoLife Nutrishake (mixed with milk or fruit juice) + 2 capsules of Food Supplement or 1 Sachet of Formula IV Plusto replace one meal per day.

For Children, Two scoops of Gnld NeoLife Nutrishake (mixed with milk or fruit juice) + 2 capsules of Food Supplement or 1 Tablet of Vita Squares to replace one meal per day.

Today, from all sides, we are receiving the message to drastically reduce the fat and cholesterol in our diets. This poses a dilemma.

The very foods that are highest in fats and cholesterol are some of our best source of protein-eggs, red meat, dairy products.

If we stop eating these foods, we are likely to seriously reduce the protein content of our diet. To prevent these damaging effects, we need a highly-quality, natural source of protein that is low in fat and cholesterol.

GNLD NeoLife Nutrishake a protein supplement has the answer to this dilemma. Gnld NeoLife Nutrishake is a balanced protein drink that supplies all 22 amino acids the body needs every single day to synthesize the protein it uses to build every part of us. GNLD’s NeoLife Nutrishake was developed with the whole family in mind.

Even better, NeoLife Nutrishake supplement is packed with essential vitaminsminerals and nutrients, making it a convenient source of quality protein that you can trust. It’s perfect for every member of the family, from your toddlers to the oldest members of your family. Gnld NeoLife Nutrishake is available in flavours, the Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla to suit your taste.

Benefits of GNLD NeoLife Nutrishake

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  • Convenient meal for elderly people and children
  • Mixes instantly in water, milk or juice, creating a smooth and delicious shake.
  • NeoLife NutriShake Is naturally sweetened with fructose.
  • Provides a complete source of high quality, whole food protein with all 22 amino acids involved in human nutrition.
  • Has a low-allergy formulation -free of wheat and corn, and very low in lactose.
  • Gnld NeoLife Nutrishake is low in fat and cholesterol.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Contains linoleic acid which helps with the metabolism of cholesterol.
  • Helps to retain lean muscles.
  • It helps prevent children from getting obese at a tender age.


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