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On this page, we will get to know if the form for Nigeria Army Recruitment is out. The importance, positions, requirements, and fact will be mentioned in this article.

Is Nigerian Army Recruitment Form Out?

Yes!!! The application form for the Nigerian Army Recruitment 2022 is now out. We are using this privilege to inform all aspirants, that the Nigerian Army Recruitments form is out including the portal which is

The military will be doing some tests mostly physical tests that is, immense training will be carried out by shortlisted candidates.

The Nigerian Army force is known as the highest rank of the military in Nigeria. It is also known as the strongest force in the military. While in training, it is advisable to be in stable health so as to avoid casualties.

Important Points About the Nigerian Army

The presence of the Nigerian Military is of great importance to the country. The points below show different importance.

  1. The Nigerian Army has helped in the peacekeeping operation in the neighboring countries.
  2. They are staged to fight at the front line. That is, why sophisticated training is required among the candidates.
  3. They are considered the largest land force in Africa as a whole.
  4. Their perspective works are also known in some parts of the continent
  5. The Nigerian Army helped to settle some disputes in some African countries eg. Liberia, Somalia, and many others.
  6. They protect vital national interests and help in fulfilling military interests.
  7. The Nigerian Army gives selfless attributes to the country.
  8. They are in support of every decision concerning the military.
Check Out:  TRCN Recruitment 2022/2023 Application Form Portal

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Information About our Portal

The Nigerian Army portal is It contains some important content related to the system. It explains the body of the military and elaborates more on its details.

Requirement for the Nigerian Army Recruitment 2022

These requirements are helpful for shortlisted candidates to gain entry into the Nigerian Army recruitment 2022.

Nationality:                            You must be a bonified citizen of Nigeria

Age:                                         You must not be less than 18 years of age.

Height:                                    Males are accepted to be 1.68cm while females are accepted to be 1.62cm

Minimum age:                        18years

Maximum age:                        27 or 28 years of age.

Educational qualification:    NECO, WAEC, GCE, and others.

Check Out:  NIOMR Recruitment 2022-2023 Application Form Portal

How to Apply for the Nigeria Army Recruitment 2022

The listed points below are steps to apply for the recruitment. They are very helpful in essence they give you easy access to the system.

  1. Registration for Nigerian Army recruitment is done online.
  2. Visit our portal
  3. Required credentials should be submitted to the system
  4. False documents are not allowed for application unless such a person will be disqualified.

Required Documents for the Nigerian Army recruitment

These documents can be of help to you in dealing with the application.

  1. Provision of educational document
  2. A passport
  3. Your curriculum vitae(CV) is required as part of the document.
  4. It is advisable you print out the slip of the recruitment 2022.

Positions Available for the Nigeria Army Recruitment

  1. Mechanical Engineer e.g. power plant techs
  2. Fire Fighter
  3. Aeronautical Engineer e.g.
  4. Electrical Engineer e.g. excavator mechanics, generator plant techs, milling mechanics, and many others.
  5. Nigeria Army signal corps e.g. maintenance of video conference, computer forensics ethics, installation of technical expert.
  6. Nigeria Military intelligence corps
  7. Medical service and many others.

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Salaries Obtained from the Nigerian Military


Lt general-#1million


Bridarier general-#750,000


L.t colonel-#350,000


While all these are being reviewed. Things we are made easy and faster in recruitment application.  

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