NeoLife Care

NeoLife Care

Care is a highly concentrated disinfectant, intended for use on inanimate surfaces and designed to destroy a wide variety of germs.

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Key Benefits

  • Efficacy proved according to SABS 636.
  • Comprehensively tested against a wide variety of microorganisms.
  • Suitable for use in a hospital and domestic environment.

Golden Home Care

For a Cleaner Home and a Cleaner Planet

NeoLife is a pioneer in the creation and delivery of earth-friendly home care products – Golden Home Care. We’ve been “Green” since the 1960s before it became fashionable. We were one of the first companies to respond to our environmental crisis with safe, biodegradable cleaning products. We remain vitally concerned and continue to market environmentally safe, biodegradable cleaners, for a healthy home and healthier environment.

Golden Home Care’s philosophy is backed by a sophisticated science approach, aimed at delivering maximum cleaning performance from highly concentrated formulas. That means you pay less and get more. Every Golden Home Care product was developed with a low dose, low burden approach – to deliver optimum performance, but with sensitivity towards maintaining a low environmental burden.

Based in Nature
Backed by Science
100% Earth-Friendly


Golden NeoLife products provide the finest natural ingredients to help you achieve optimal health and well-being.

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Delivered in highly bio-efficient forms in exclusive, clinically proven formulas that maximize absorption, utilization and benefits by using the most advanced scientific methods and proprietary processes.


“Low dose and low burden” philosophy minimize the environmental burden by getting the most from every drop of product and bit of packaging, reducing energy costs associated with distribution and waste.

Note: NeoLife Care is only for home care uses, not for human consumption

Don’t Take Neolife Care as an Anti-infection product or supplement, because Care can damage your lungs and some part of your organs when taken in..

Please Note: NeoLife Care is not to be mix with Garlic or Ginger as Health Product for Infection treatment…

In case you have an infection or would like to prevent infection, we recommend you use the following products
NeoLife Garlic Allium Complex
NeoLife Masculine Herbal <Men>
NeoLife Feminine Herbal <Women>
Chelated Zinc. etc

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