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Modern Combat 4 Mod + OBB Apk Android Latest Download

Modern Combat 4 Apk

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Mod Apk is an action-adventure game that is the most popular game now made available for android mobile phones

You can be a hero or an enemy in this game. Get a perspective of playing from different characters. Either be a hero or an enemy. Either save the world or destruct the world by abducting the President.

Hence follow the steps provided in this post to download this amazing game. Download Modern Combat 4 Apk, Modern Combat 4 Mod, Modern Combat: Zero Hour, and Modern Combat 4 OBB

What Is Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Mod Apk

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is a 2012 first-person shooter developed and published by Gameloft Montreal for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10, and BlackBerry PlayBook. It is the fourth game in the Modern Combat series and is a sequel to 2009’s Modern Combat: Sandstorm, 2010’s Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, and 2011’s Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

The player can control their character with a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen while looking around the game’s environment is controlled by swiping or dragging on the screen. Players can also crouch, throw grenades, use the weapon’s iron sights, reload, change weapons, pick up different weapons, knife enemies, mantle obstacles and shoot using buttons and prompts on the touch screen.

Features Of Modern Combat 4 Apk

Intriguing features of this game which make it worth its play and outstanding amongst its other rivals;

Varieties Of Weapons

Whereas Sandstorm featured seven weapons and Black Pegasus featured fifteen, Zero Hour features twenty-one weapons as had Fallen Nation, in addition to throwing knives, grenades, different equipment, and several “perks”. Weapons can also be fitted with numerous attachments like red dot sights, silencers, and extra-large magazines whereas Sandstorm featured seven weapons and Black Pegasus featured fifteen., the weapons in Zero Hour follow those in Fallen Nation insofar as they are fictional, but based on real-world counterparts.

Lists Of Weapons

Weapons include a Black Mamba (based on the Chiappa Rhino), a Charbtek VECT9 (M4A1), a Charbtek-28 (M27), a CTK-88 Crumpler (AT4), an E24 SASR (Remington Semi-Automatic Sniper System), a Compact 665 (SIG556), a Kolbászky S-40 GL (Brügger & Thomet GL-06), a SOCAR-S A1 (CZ-805 BREN), a Tygr X3 (CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1), a Viny Pro (Uzi), a Volkhov-12 (Saiga-12) and an X6 .338 (XM2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle), a KR200 (AK47), a Schoc 33 (Glock 18).

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There are many types of maps featured in its gameplay, for the user to play a first-class soldier, on whose shoulders lay down an important mission to prevent nuclear war. The create locations designers and artists have approached very responsibly in the map draft out to make the plot very interesting. The maps include;

  • Paradise
  • Blockbuster 
  • Alert
  • Legion 
  • Dog Days
  • Landfall 
  • Overtime
  • Extraction 
  • Backfire 
  • Congress 
  • Fracture

Realistic Environment

Character modeling, environmental modeling, depth of field, lighting, color, detail, every one of the visual effects gives a feeling that is realistic and shocking. The vast amount of rendering depending on the location of the light gives an immersive feel of immersion, and the placement of sunlight affects the brightness distribution of the entire environment, something that is otherwise unimaginable in other games. Even the effect of the smoke is vivid. Whether it is the smoke caused by the burning of a building or the black mist generated by the explosion of an airplane, it emits a strong sense of reality.

Multiplayer Mode

Each mode has its own unique play mode whereby up to 12 people at the same time compete, which can bring complex fun. Different multiplayer modes require different tactics and coordination skills, which provide more playability beyond the stand-alone battle. There are eight multiplayer modes, which are

  • War Mode
  • Life and Death Battle
  • Team Life and Death Battle
  • Capture Flag Battle
  • Pursuit Match
  • Conquest Match
  • VIP Mode
  • Barebone Mode.

Unique Storyline

As for the storyline, the basic set of war themes has continued, and once again the player becomes a soldier who will save the country from distress and even maintain world peace. From the obscure soldier to the outstanding Marshal, this will reproduce this magnificent process. This time the trouble is bigger because the president was kidnapped. The specific story is here spoilers, players, to give the personal experience more interesting.

Dive Into The Most Memorable Action Shooter Ever

Feel the story’s dramatic intensity and see both sides of the story by also playing the villain, Edward Page, dominate the battlefield with a new tactical movement system and Wage war and take action all over the world, from Antarctica to Barcelona.


The sound has a lot of effort to make the entire mimicry environment appear real; the plane whistled past the sky, giving the player the feeling of flying overhead, executive orders, the screams of the enemy, the headquarters of the task instructions all using live dubbing, full movie theater. The roar of heavy weapons can give the player a more auditory shock, grenades, grenade launchers, missiles, every blow is an exaggeration. Environmental music is remarkable, each scene has its own unique melody that played a role in the plot.

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Improved Graphics

The game continues the plot of the third part, but with a completely new story. The new engine designed especially for mobile devices is used in the game. Its main feature is the possibility to realize very qualitative and realistic graphics; download the game and test it. Astounding skirmishes with an even greater number of special effects and adrenalin are waiting for you as in previous games. If you compare the previous part with Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, you can also note greatly improved graphics.

Features Of Modern Combat 4 Mod Apk

  • Unlimited Money
  • No ads
  • Blue Credit
  • Gold Credit
  • Offline

How To Play Modern Combat 4 Mod Apk

  • Your essential task in this game is to prevent nuclear war, protect the peaceful life of humankind. That is the huge overarching mission, also the goal towards the game.
  • In order to destroy the enemy and complete specific missions, the condition is that you must have Blue Credit.
  • The Blue Credit item is a prevalent virtual currency in the game, and you can earn this money through single-player quests. At the end of each mission, depending on the achievements you achieved, you will be given the amount corresponding to the level of completion.
  • The money is used to purchase the plug-ins, upgrade packs, and equipment in the Military Shop store.
  • To access the shop, you need to lightly touch the icon on the screen, wherever you are when you need it.
  • You also need to make another currency, Gold Credit – this is the most advanced currency in the game.
  • You can use the Gold Credit to buy anytime you need by pressing the “plus” icon on the menu bar of the Pause screen.

Additional Information On Modern Combat 4 Mod Apk

App NameModern Combat 4 Mod Apk 
Mod InfoUnlimited Money
Get It OnGoogle Play
Last UpdateJanuary 25, 2022

Modern Combat 4 Apk Download

I know that you are excited to play this game but your excitement increases as I provide the link here, just download the game from the link given below. There are 3 links given below first is of Apk (19 MB), the second is of Mod (23 MB), and the third is of OBB (1.5 GB) Please ensure that at least 1.5 GB free space is available on your android before installing the Modern Combat 4 Apk on Android. So the Mod Apk Download which is 23Mb is provided here below.

How To Download Modern Combat 4 Mod Apk :

Read on the detailed information provided below on how to download Modern Combat 4 Mod Apk ;

  • To begin downloading Modern Combat 4 Mod Apk click the download button below.
  • The download process for the Modern Combat 4 Mod Apk will begin once you click OK.
  • The downloading process has begun.
  • The user will be directed to the installation page of the mod apk once the full download procedure is completed.
  • When you click Install, the Android smartphone will complete the installation process.
  • There you have it!!!!!
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Conclusion on Modern Combat 4 Mod Apk

In conclusion, the game itself has many of the skills aspects that were very interesting from the original while focusing a lot on combat and intense gameplay. The content and stories are also great which is something to take into consideration.

All the information you need to know about Modern Combat 4 Mod Apk  has been provided, so don’t hesitate to download click the download above and you can enjoy the vast world of Modern Combat 4 Mod Apk

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