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View the video below and discover people making money from this business opportunity we are presenting to you.

If you want to make money and achieve your dreams, you need a genuine opportunity that has helped other people money.


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How To Earn Over N3000 in nigeria
How To Earn Over N3000 in Nigeria

My name is Chigozie,

I was searching for ways to make more money to support myself, Education and luckily l was shown Neolife business. I decided to try the business for just 6 months and see if l will make money and within 8 months l was making money and qualified to travel abroad for FREE. Today I am one of the top earners in Neolife Nigeria. With my experience, l can help you set up your own network marking business using this business idea. You can run this business part-time or full time and also as a student in Nigeria. You can also run it online or offline because you will get your own online store to make money 24/7 worldwide. All you need to succeed is wiliness to learn how this business works and a sponsor who is willing and ready to train you. I am here to help you.

Welcome to Neolife Business Presentation.

If you are already making enough money, you don’t need to join Neoife business or register as a Neolife distributor but if you still have many things yet to achieve, this business will be the vehicle to achieve your dreams. Remove every distraction and read the whole presentation. You don’t have to know everything about the business, because l will teach you the rest if you are ready to learn and you don’t have to love the business first just confirm if people are making money from the business by watching the video below. The best thing you do when you are given an opportunity is to find out if it is genuine and if people are really making money from it and then check if it is something you can learn and also make money from. That is how to check and cross-check the best ways to add an additional source of income to what you are making now.

When l first join the Neolife business, As a student l was discouraged by my friends and relatives but today after many achievements and travelling around the whole world they are not able to say anything. It is your turn, will you allow your friends or relatives comment about this business or Neolife company stop you? It is you who need the money. If you continue to take the advice of poor people, you too will remain poor but that can change today if you decide to learn network marketing through Neolife company.

Are you here because you want ways to make money? Do you still have some dreams, you want to achieve? If yes, remove every distraction and study this presentation carefully and you will be glad you did. This is the breakthrough you have prayed for.

Who else want to make lots of money? This is your opportunity.

Here are things most people want in life to become successful:

  1. To pay off all their debts
  2. Build a house
  3. Buy their dream cars
  4. Train themselves or their children
  5. Enjoy sound health
  6. Save money and invest for their future
  7. Have time freedom to do whatever they like
  8. Achieve financial freedom
  9. Travel around the whole world to enjoy life

In the above list, you may have one or two things you like to accomplish in life.  Whatever it is, l can help you achieve it using this Neolife business. Many people have done that.

See latest testimonial video of people making money with this company.

I want to show you what you can do to make money part-time or full time, as a student and to get what you want and become successful in life.

Here is what you can do to make little or a lot of money. Start your own healthcare business. The health industry is a booming industry as many people have health challenges everywhere. Due to huge medical bills, many people are ready to prevent health crisis by using herbal remedies, vitamins and supplements. This is where you come in.

To make money, you need to provide solutions to problems or add value to people’s lives.

There are people out there searching for how they can get out of diabetes, asthma, infection, insomnia, infertility, libido, fibroid, malaria or typhoid fever, heart problems, arthritis or rheumatism, constipation, peptic ulcer, the list is endless. Right now, type any of those health issues on your browser and you will see people searching. Help them and get money.

These people are searching daily on the internet and around your area for people who have the solution to their problems.  Very few people have the money to pay huge medical bills and so many people use herbal remedies these days. Some people do not respond to drugs until their immunity is improved with food supplements. This is where you come in to solve their problem and collect money.

If you want to make money, you must be ready to learn to provide service or products. This is the reason people go to school to learn a trade or skill. Now in this business, you will be trained on how to solve people’s health issues and collect their money. The How To Use Effective Combination eBook below will help you in this. Just show it to people and they will order from you.

I am going to train you on how to solve many of these health challenges and make the money you want. Right now l am also using the book “How to Use Effective Combination of Neolife Supplements & Get Guaranteed Result” to solve different health problems worldwide and making money and l will show you how l am doing it.

Here is how it works. You too will register and become Neolife distributor so you can have access to Neolife supplements with your own ID number and buy at wholesale price. There two starter packs. Choose the one you can afford. There is one starter pack for N16,000 and the second starter pack Neolife registration fee is N21, 000.  When you pay the amount to complete your registration, you will receive the sample products in your starter pack plus information to help you run a successful business.

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Click here to register to join Neolife business.

Here in this presentation l want to use the food supplement in the N21,000 starter pack. When you start with this pack, you will be given a hot selling product – PROVITALTY, ID number, a kit containing information booklets and magazine to help you understand the business better. You will also be given your own online store and app to help you share your business or products with friends, neighbours and relatives. This way, you don’t need to carry products about to market but give them a chance to order directly from their home and the company will deliver to them on your behalf while you claim the commission. I will train you on how to make money online through your Neolife online store when you complete your registration.

Click here to register to join Neolife business.

To equip yourself, you will also need the eBook, How To Use Effective Combination of Neolife supplements…”. This book has over 200 disease combinations and effective dosage that work for people with different health issues. For example, inside the eBook is the list of an effective combination of vitamins and supplements to help solve hypertension, infections (staph infection, PID, uti, Candida), fibroid or infertility, malaria/typhoid, arthritis, peptic ulcer etc. These are hot area to make money from. You will use the exact products to help the cases and collect money.

Regular price for this eBook is N1, 500 but if you register and join my team, it will be sent to your email box for FREE.

To get started you need to fill the online registration form and pay the Neolife registration fee in the pack you have selected. Just click on SIGN UP & SAVE and then click CONTINUE to fill the registration form. If you are asking for referrer ID, type this 063-2500323 and your sponsor name will appear. Follow the screen instructions to complete the process. You can watch this video to know how to register online. How to Register Online

If you can’t register online, request for a physical registration form to be emailed to you with the form below or through WhatsApp number +2349067335009 and we will email you a copy of the registration form to fill and return to us…


When you register you got a product – PRO VITALITY. This product has 30 sachets in the pack. You will make about N6, 000 profits per packet. You can sell a sachet for N700 or more. You will recover your registration money from this packet. Yes 30 sachets at N700 will give you N21,000. See the benefits of Provitality in this video.

Neolife Provitality pack gt

Here is what is in Provitality Packet:

Provitality can be used for people with the health issues listed below.

  • Malaria or Typhoid fever
  • Arthritis or rheumatism pain
  • Boost immunity
  • Improve eyesight
  • Help to lower high cholesterol
  • Improve libido-sexual drive
  • To overcome stress and enjoy everyday energy
  • To look younger and have good looking skin, hair and nails.

If you add Pro vitality to the person’s medication, the person recovers faster and stops frequenting the hospital. Just help people pay fewer hospital bills by teaching them on how to supplement their diet with Neo Life products. That is your basic job and you will collect money to achieve your own dreams. As long as you give them what helps them they will continue to patronize you and refer their friends. I have enjoyed this for years.


The company pays their distributors monthly bonus if you hit the required monthly target. There are about 11 ways of earning a bonus from the company but l will show you the basic required target and estimated the amount you can earn monthly. There are other higher bonuses in the NEOLIFE Compensation plan. As your PV increases so are the bonus.

Now, what is PV? If you want to earn a monthly bonus apart from the profit you made, you need to understand PV. PV is a point value. This is a point given to every company’s products. E.g. the PRO VITALITY in the registration kit above. The Provitality has 36 PV (points). Now you understand PV.

To qualify as a distributor you need to do a minimum of 100 PV (Points value) in a month. And to qualify to earn a bonus you need to achieve the minimum 250 PV or the maximum 1, 300PV every month. One packet of Pro vitality is 36PV. If you order 3 packets that will be 108PV. If you register with N21,000 you will have 36PV credited to you immediately.

To qualify for a bonus, you will order 7 PRO VITALITY packs from the company in a month to get 252PV = 36 PV per packet x 7 packets =252. This is how PV is calculated. If you did not hit 250PV in 30 days you will not earn a bonus that month but will just enjoy your profits from sales. Every product you purchase from the company has points and the points is credited to your ID number to help calculate your bonus every month. The company has about 36 products registered with NAFDAC in Nigeria.

Note that points made this month cannot be transferred to the next month so you must see that the points you made in a month qualify you for a bonus each month. More about this on when you complete your registration. If you are already registered you can get full details and training from the eBook: How To Make Money In Neolife Business – Neolife New Distributor Handbook.

Neolife Handbook How to make money cover


20,000N500, 000
3,000  N95,000
2,000  N45,000
1,000   N25,000
500     N5,000
250     N1,500
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Now decide the amount you wish to earn monthly and do the PV in that group. This is a straight forward business. What you do is what you get paid, no cheating. Achieve the PV in the Neolife compensation plan and get the money attached period. This also means you can plan your own monthly bonus and not your sponsor or the company.

When you see the pay plan, you wish you hit the highest pay plan so you can earn bigger bonuses. For you to achieve a higher amount, you can’t do it alone. This is where network marketing comes in. You need to add people to your team. Yes, you have to share the Points with people to make it easier and achievable every month. This is where you need to talk and network with people who are also interested in making money too. The more people you have in your team the less you will work and the more you earn – this is the best investment l know – network marketing business. Help as many people as you can and you will be rewarded greatly. Just imagine you have 10 persons who have reached 4,000 points and you are paid for helping them understand the business a whooping sum of N40,000 bonus for every one of them. This will give you 10 persons x N40,0000 and that will be N400,000 monthly without you raising a finger. This is one of the best investments. Invest in people, teach them how to make their own PV and make profits and be rewarded.

Now you see you need people to achieve more. Every great business idea needs people. Look around you. The Banks, MTN or Dangote all need people to achieve their dreams of financial freedom. How can they operate their many branches across the country without people? Yes, you too need people to achieve higher PV and earn bigger bonuses every month. Discover how to get people to sponsor into your team in the book eBook: How To Sponsor Many Distributors. It is not just getting people, you have to be ready to train them to succeed and you will find ways to train them in the two eBooks: New Neolife Distributor Handbook on how to Make Money In Neolife Business (for new persons or distributor who want to understand the business and know what to do to start making money immediately) and Network Marketing Made Easy (to train serious distributors on how to take steps and qualify for high bonus and travel abroad for FREE). If you want to fast forward your success in this business order the two books at Growing Team Book Shop.


It will not be easy for you to buy all the required PV to earn bigger bonuses every month so you need to divide the PV you have chosen by a number of people to achieve it. Let us say you wish to make 4,000 PV monthly. If 4 persons did 1,000 PV each you would have achieved your 4,000. This means you and 3 other persons must do 1000PV each. This means if you were to use the Provitality pack to achieve this you will need to buy 28 packs in a month. 28 x 36PV will give you 1008PV. If that is too much for you to achieve you divide it again. Let us say you divide 4,000 by 8. This means you and the 7 persons will do 500 PV each to achieve 4,000PV every month. If that is too much for you, you can go further to divide 4,000PV by 16 persons including yourself. With this, all 16 of you will do 250PV to achieve 4,000PV. If you are going to do this part-time, you can also divide it further. Say you divide it by 40 persons. This means all 40 of you will do just 100PV to achieve 4,000PV. This means you have 39 persons in your team plus you making 40 persons. This is what you see in the first graphic below. Help 3 or more people to do the same and you are qualified to travel around the world for FREE. Many people are doing that right now include myself showing you this opportunity.

If you can achieve 4,000 every month, you will become a director earning the amount shown on the compensation chart and become an emerald director to qualify for current incentives in the company. You will qualify to earn an extra bonus call CONSISTENCY BONUS of N20,000 added to your normal monthly bonus. You will see current incentives when you register in your business kit.

Now, some people ask “why can’t l just buy all the PV in the group l want” that question means, Zenith Bank or First Bank directors trying to work in over 100 branches they have. Is it possible to be in 100 places at the same time? No of cause! Ability to discover the power of leverage is financial freedom. If you can buy all the PV, can you also market all in one month? Many people tried this before and they lost their money. Why? it is because they could not do it every month as their money is tied down and you need money to buy every month so you can earn a bonus monthly. The second reason is the products have an expiration date on them and many who followed that line also had products expired and lost their money.

This means the best way to build the business is to follow the Neolife marketing strategy which is to register people into your business and train them. To get started, register just 3 persons and train them to also register their own 3 persons each. Teach them to do their own 100 PV every month. This is steady growth in the business and l suggest you follow this plan. This works for part-time business people.

Another way is to look for someone to help you market one Provitality packet each. This means if you have 6 persons marketing one packet each you will hit your 250PV basic. This means you can also search for marketers to match the PV you wanted.

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If you have not to join Neolife company, do so now register here.  If you are not familiar with the online process, you can request a physical registration form through WhatsApp number: +2349067335009 or request for the form by submitting the form below. We will receive it and send you a copy.

Request For Physical Registration

How To Earn Over N300,000 Monthly
Steady Growth In Neolife Business
How To Earn Over N300,000 Monthly
Fast Track Growth
How To Earn Over N300,000 Monthly


Will you like to travel abroad for FREE? If yes, achieve 20,000PV three times within 6 months and you are qualified to FREE plus CASH INCENTIVES. Yes, you can be given up to N500,000 cash to spend when you travel.

The person who achieves 20, 000PV will earn over N500, 000 monthly and TRAVE ABROAD FOR FREE.

If you want to travel, this business opportunity will help you achieve that. Your visa will be prepared by the company and so no stress of visa. Your ticket and enjoyment are free. Many Nigerians have used this opportunity to achieve their travel plans. Who will stop to travel anywhere else when your passport has been stamped? Yes, just qualified and travel with Neolife Company once and you can go to any other country of your choice without stress.

Below is one of my own trips where the company chartered a plane just for Neolife distributors. Note: Neolife is the new name for GNLD.

For you to succeed, you need training on HOW TO GET PEOPLE TO SPONSOR and HOW TO SELL YOUR 7 PACKETS OF PRO VITALITY. These books will be given to you for FREE if you register and complete your registration before the 17th of this month. You can also these eBooks to grow your business if you already register before you see this presentation: How to sponsor many down-lines and 20 ways to achieve 1,000 PV personally every month.

Below are some books you can use to create wealth in this business. If you are already a Neolife distributor l suggest you order them here so you can grow faster.

  1. How To Sponsor Many New Distributors
  2. 20 Ways To Make 1,000PV monthly.
  3. Neolife New Distributor Handbook
  4. Network marketing made easy
  5. How to make money online

Order these eBooks at Growing Team Bookshop here.

If you have not registered but decide to register with my team and complete your registration process on or before the 17th of this month you will receive the following eBooks for FREE.

  1. 20 ways To Make 1,000 PV Monthly Personally ebook will show you different ways to get customers and what you need to do for customers to call you with money in their hands to buy from you. It will bring you, endless customers. You will achieve your personal personal PV- points monthly without stress.
  2. How to Use Effective Combination of Neolife Supplements.. ” it will show you which products to give your customers and the effective dosage they should use to get their desired result. With this eBook, your customers will get the result and recommend their friends and relatives to you. All you need to do is show it to them to get started.
  3. How To Sponsor Many New Distributors. It will show ways and where to see people join your team.
  4. Neolife New Distributor Handbook. It will explain step by step training on what you need to do to start making money in Neolife business and some secret your sponsor or the person who told you about the business might want to hide from you so they earn more and you earn less bonus.

That is all you need to know about Neolife’s business opportunity. If you are really searching for genuine ways to make money to support yourself and you are willing to learn, fill the registration here and make your payment directly to the company. You will receive your business kit within 3-8 days depending on your distance from Lagos the head office of Neolife Company. If you don’t know how to register online;  request for a physical form through WhatsApp number +2349067335009 or submit the form below we will email you a physical form to fill.

Request For Physical Registration Form

If you have questions please call 8-5 pm Monday – Friday or send your questions to [email protected] and you will get answers within 24hrs. Call Chigozie on +2349067335009 or send Whatsapp message to +2348106548981.

Note: If you are already registered, please get back to the person who registers you to answer your questions.

If you are a distributor and want a personal coach so you can achieve success faster you can contact Chigozie on +2349067335009 and arrange this.

If you want her to speak to your team, you can call to arrange this too.

Welcome to a better future and financial freedom. Take action today and let us go and change people’s lives together while making lots of money


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