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GNLD NEOLIFE – Multi-Level Marketing Business Opportunity

It is absolutely important to know that a GNLD NEOLIFE Business Opportunity is a long-term investment, not a quick-fix solution to temporary financial difficulties, like many businesses of the day.

It’s an investment that can secure your financial future for the rest of your life.  A GNLD NEOLIFE Business involves both your mind intellect and physical input. I can assure you many advantages and rewards as you decide to join this Business of health and wellness; making strategic investments and plans to begin.

Have you ever thought of beginning your own independent “MLM” Business in your location-country? Have you ever met any successful GNLD/NEOLIFE practitioner or one as a failure? What makes a student fail an examination and another excel in good grades after both listened to the same class teachings…I believe it’s all about personal development and insightful knowledge.

However, most people still are in doubt of this wonderful “Business Opportunity” called;
1. Direct Selling Business
2. Network Marketing Business or
3. Multi-Level Marketing Business

Which requests that when you get started, you’re “WORKING TOGETHER-MAKING A DIFFERENCE” as you work with a Team – 
Together Everyone Achieve More Results!

It’s a business of little individual inputs and collective rewards thereafter. The company – GNLD NEOLIFE International tells us to be actively involved by;
(1) Registering as an Independent GNLD NEOLIFE Partner
(2) Begin as a Distributor with just N16,100:00 or N20,500:00; both are the two available sign-ups for people resident in Nigeria. The package you will get for the N16,100:00 which includes your Official Plastic I.D Card(N1,500:00)
Gives you, our GNLD NEOLIFE KIT BAG with various Document about this GNLD NEOLIFE Business, Catalogues, Magazines and a sample product called Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates by 60softgels (2 cups).
While the N14,500:00 includes your GNLD NEOLIFE I.D Card fess too – Gives you, a KIT BAG with various Document about this GNLD/NEOLIFE Business, Catalogues, Magazines and a sample product called Pro Vitality+ pack by 30sachets. Your GNLD NEOLIFE I.D Card carries your FULL NAMES, PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPH AND YOUR PERSONALISED INTERNATIONAL GNLD NEOLIFE NUMBER*
(3) Use the products – achieve great health by yourself. You should also go ahead to “SHARE” these products – make sales to some potential customers and buyers you’d introduced the products to. By doing this, you immediately earn direct sales profits. You can even begin earning little Residual Incomes when you achieve a MANAGER, SENIOR MANAGER or QUALIFIED SENIOR MANAGER status as you develop your business with us. 
(4) Sharing the Opportunity to others. Ask or tell others to get INVOLVED too. It is a Business that grows with time and continually gets you instant CASH BENEFITS when you make retails of her various products; ranging from her whole-food nutritional, personal and skincare products, homecare and farm care products. 
Check her global website on or just visit our own independent website on

With GNLD NEOLIFE, you can:
• Attain health and wellness both physically and financially
• Reach and maintain your ideal weight
• Earn extra income
• Spend more times with family and friends
• Be your own boss
• Work part-time or full-time
• Work from anywhere
• Receive recognition for your achievements
• Experience personal growth
• Experience being part of the GNLD/NEOLIFE family
• Enjoy an overall better life!

The management of Foxy Link Services, a partnering healthcare provider with GNLD NEOLIFE is here to Guide, Teach and Assist you to begin your own independent GNLD NEOLIFE Business today!
Contact our HR/Logistics Manager: 
Mobile: 09067335009

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