Final Fantasy 2 PSP ISO – 20TH Anniversary Edition PPSSPP Download

Final Fantasy 2 PSP ISO

This is the sequel of the final fantasy game which features the bitter and beautiful tale of four war-orphaned heroes who become embroiled in a conflict between the hostile Empire of Palamecia and the rebel resistance.

Here in this article, we have given the link for Final Fantasy 2 PSP ISO. You can access the game on your devices by downloading Final Fantasy 2 PSP ISO

What Is Final Fantasy 2 PSP ISO

Final Fantasy 2 is one of the series of fantasy role-playing video games developed and published by Square Enix for the Family Computer as the second installment of the Final Fantasy 2 series.

The game has received numerous enhanced remakes for the WonderSwan Color, the PlayStation, the Game Boy Advance, the PlayStation Portable, PC, ios and android types.

Features Of Final Fantasy 2 PSP ISO


Final Fantasy 2 features four playable characters as well as several secondary characters who are only briefly controlled by the player.

Primary characters include Firion Furionīru,  and the main protagonist; Maria, a simple monk who communicates with animals; and Leon, a conflicted dark knight who is missing for most of the game.

Assist Characters

There are five other secondary characters to assist Firion, Maria, and Guy in their missions for the rebellion which are;

 Gordon, the prince of Kas’ion and a member of the rebellion

Josef, a villager in the town of Salamand; Leila, a pirate

Minwu who is a White Mage with the rebellion

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Ricard Highwind, who is the first dragoon to appear in the seriesFinal Fantasy II Concentration Mini Game


The game’s story centers on four youths whose parents were killed during an army invasion by the empire of Palamecia, who are using hellspawn to conquer the world.

Three of the four main characters join a rebellion against the empire, embarking on missions to gain new magic and weapons, destroy enemy superweapons, and rescue leading members of the resistance.

Roam & Customize

The player can freely roam an overworld containing several towns and dungeons. A menu-based system allows the player to outfit each character with equipment and up to two—often disposable—items for battle.


Magic spells are assigned to the character from the item menu, and certain spells, such as “Cure”, can be used outside of battle.


Weapons, armor, items, and magic spells can be purchased at shops, and townspeople provide useful information for the player’s progression through the game.

Word Memory

One new feature is the “Word Memory” system: when in conversation with non-player characters (NPCs), the player can “ask” about and “memorize” special keywords or phrases, which can later be repeated to other NPCs to gain more information or unlock new actions. Final Fantasy II Soul of Rebirth

Chocobo – Mascot

Final Fantasy 2 II introduced the Chocobo, the signature Final Fantasy 2 mascot, which lets characters ride to a location at great speed without being attacked by enemies.


Attributes include hit points, magic points, magic power, stamina, strength, spirit, agility, intelligence, and evasion.

Hitpoints (HP) and magic points (MP) increase with their use; a character who takes a heavy amount of damage in a battle might earn an increase in maximum HP, while a character who uses a lot of MP during battle might increase their maximum MP

Back Row Immunity

The game introduces a “back row” in battle, within which characters or enemies are immune to most physical attacks, but can be harmed with bows and magical attacks.

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 Information On Final Fantasy 2 PPSSPP ISO

App NameFinal Fantasy 2 
DeveloperSquare Enix
CategoryAction, Role Playing
Image FormatISO
Get It OnGoogle Play
Last UpdateDecember 1, 2021

How To Download Final Fantasy 2 PSP ISO.

With every step written down here, you can get Final Fantasy 2 PSP ISO on your mobile device.

  • Download PSP Emulator from Play Store and install it.
  • Then Open PSP Emulator and Close it for creating PSP Folder in the SD Card.
  • Download Final Fantasy 2 Mod and Final Fantasy 2 (USA) ISO, both files links is given below.
  • After Downloading all files Extract them because it’s in RAR and Zip format.
  • Extract Final Fantasy 2 Mod then you will see 3 Folders [ Game, Save Data, and Textures].
  • Copy Game Folder and paste in PSP Folder and replace it.
  • Then Copy Save Data Folder and Paste into the PSP folder and replace it.
  • Copy TEXTURES Folder and Paste in PSP Folder.
  • Open PSP Emulator and Select ISO Final Fantasy 2 and Start to play Final Fantasy 2 PPSSPP MOD on Android.

Conclusion on Final Fantasy 2 PSP ISO.

In conclusion, the experience system had several unintended consequences that allowed characters to gain much more experience than intended, such as players having their characters attack each other and repeatedly cast spells, thus causing their HP and abilities to grow extensively.

All the information you need to know about Final Fantasy 2 PSP ISO has been provided, so don’t hesitate to download click the download above and you can enjoy the vast world of Final Fantasy 2 PSP ISO.

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