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Download Mp3: YSN Flow – Ragu (Video / Lyrics)

YSN Flow Ragu Mp3 Download

The Hip hop Multi-Award Winning singer, record producer, YSN Flow comes up with another banger tunes title “Ragu “ the sound is amazing now available in Video | Lyrics just for you to enjoy and download.

Listen and Download mp3: YSN Flow – Ragu

YSN Flow Ragu Audio

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YSN Flow Ragu mp3

Download mp3 YSN Flow Ragu

YSN Flow Ragu mp3 download

YSN Flow Ragu Video


YSN Flow Ragu Lyrics



Boys, we hit the Jackpot this time
Let’s go, yeah

She said I ain’t shit, I said, “Baby, I’m rich as a bitch
And I know I ain’t perfect, I’m learning”
Bro poppin’ Perky’s, he feel like he ain’t got no purpose
But he’s still puttin’ in that work
Know he a bitch, he just fuck with that Glock
He get caught in the jam and I bet he get nervous
I’m sippin’ Wock’, got me swervin’
[?] keep me happy and a hunnid gon’ keep me from hurtin’
Know that I’m good, I wanna be the greatest
Fuck all these niggas, I don’t want relations
Right to the money, I can’t do the pace
That big body Benz what I ride on vacation
Top of the shelf, every blunt got me faded
They got a problem, I bet they won’t say shit
Comin’ for my mine, watch how I take it
I got so much to lose ’cause these blues on my faces
VVS them diamonds, bitch, I ain’t basic
Drop the top off the coupe, livin’ brainless
Step with caution, see me drippin’ in the ladies
My big bro steppin’ with his torch and he flamin’
This shit can get dangerous
Put duece in my [?] ball
We spendin’ racks at the mall, we fuckin’ it all
Jayo forgot it was lost
He pull up droppin’ shit off if I give him a call
Money what got me influenced
I know I’m rich but my bro not, so we gettin’ to it
I know the feeling of losing
Still be out flipping packs if it wasn’t for music
I got rich and now they after me
Straight to top and they ain’t passing me
I got ball but they ain’t pass to me
Shoot my shot and now they [?] me
Dry my heart and it’s some ragu
I can’t trip ’bout no bitches, that shit passed, dude
Double C on the kicks, she got ass too
I can’t cuff everybody to have you
No purpose, she just tryna get money and Birkin
Tell ’em get off my dick, see ’em lurkin’
Drac’ got the cooling kit, let’s get the purgin’
Get the beat for twenty thousand, I can flip it
Designer kicks, bitch, I ain’t tryna kick it
In the water with my pole, I can fish it
Don’t do the dissin’, nigga, you end up missin’
I come so different, run them checks in Balenci’s
I know my ex bitches miss me, they still tryna get me
I need a bougie, I’m picky
Can’t even break down the weed
Bitch, you know I smoke sticky

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