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Download Mp3: Onyx – South Side Ft. Panama Pl (Video | Lyrics)

Onyx South Side Mp3 Download

The Hip hop Multi-Award Winning singer, record producer, Onyx Featuring Panama Pl comes up with another banger tunes title “South Side “ the sound is amazing now available in Video | Lyrics just for you to enjoy and download.

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Onyx South Side Ft. Panama Pl Audio

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Onyx South Side mp3

Download mp3 Onyx South Side

Onyx South Side mp3 download

Onyx South Side Video

Onyx South Side Lyrics

“South Side”

(feat. Panama Pl)


Yo we outside fuck the quarantine
Niggas gotta get money it’s still a war queens
On the avenues and the boulevards
U could have ur tool and still catch bullet scar
South suicide it’s like do or die
My nigga came home from a 2 to the 5
Niggas pumping on strip selling 2 for 5
Don’t get set up by southside cutie pie
Keep the work at my bitch house
Heard a nigga just merked at the fish house
Keep it on me case niggas try to fake jacks
I hold it down word is bond nigga straight facts
Uh to all my back street killers
I’m on the block wit the crack beats dealers
U could hear gun shots ringing thru the night
Fuck the jake niggas running from the blue and whites
Cause don’t fuck wit the ones
Queens get the money niggas know where I’m from
The south side

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Q.G.T.M. You know what that means?
To fly to New York you gotta come to Queens
Gotta remind these mark niguhz who’s the Kings
And why they started calling it cop killer Queens
Rockaway Blvd Kennedy Fried Chicken
Jamaica Avenue It’s plenty of fly bitches
Ozone Park It’s always about business
Got off Guy R Brewer cause a niguh ambitious
You get Vanwycked on One Thirsty First
Buried in Baisley Park with 40 Projects dirt
I’ll have you merked on Merrick or snuffed on Sutphin
Don’t know why they call it Linden cause they ain’t giving you nothing
Yeah this shit is bigger than the block now
Niguhz grabbing up guns by the stockpile
Niguh fuck around a bank’ll get knocked down
If you could smell the loud how you think the shots sound

I’m cooking up a hit so stay away from the kitchen
Transforming brainstorming maintain ur position
Love the love really want the haters to listen
Cause Panama P is what the game been missing
Mic doctor put more faith position
See me shinning try not to strain ur vision
I’m on a missing like Vin Rains better yet Tom Cruise
It’s Onyx baby ur boy on the the move
Laid back be easy avoid the blues
Gotta to plan to stay fly flamboyant and smooth
Peep the aura hand out og orders
Wit no time play we gotta feed our daughters
Alpa omega late in front of bodega
Them clown is haters I only focus is paper
Life laws cause in effect wanna live it fullest wit portion of death
Off the top overall u could fall for the rest
Only deal wit the spirit don’t talk on the flesh
Cause trails got our gangsta stressed for real
Yo we pressed for deal loading up extra steel
Got stress that we can’t even use sex to heal
How u expect to feel
Jamaica funk that’s what it is word up we herbed up
Gotta represent the crew no way we loose
Don’t wanna hurt don’t wanna merk u
Come around here u might make ur curfew
Use we in cut like puss
And all we got is us
If u ain’t fucking wit us u could beat ur feet
Welcome to these evil streets
What’s rocking what’s popping what’s cracking homie
Heard we was champs like shaq and kobe
The black mamba u wanna do zuma or zomba
Another 48 shortie straight ain’t change
Guaranteed must be the dot on the range
More of a don than denzel
RIP to DS, I Born and Sean Bell

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