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Download Mp3: Onyx – Afficial Nast (Video | Lyrics)

Onyx Afficial Nast Mp3 Download

The Hip hop Multi-Award Winning singer, record producer, Onyx comes up with another banger tunes title “Afficial Nast “ the sound is amazing, now available in Video | Lyrics just for you to enjoy and download.

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Onyx Afficial Nast Audio

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Onyx Afficial Nast mp3

Download mp3 Onyx Afficial Nast

Onyx Afficial Nast mp3 download

Onyx Afficial Nast Video

Onyx Afficial Nast Lyrics

“Afficial Nast”

It’s afficial nastee niggas come to ur town
It’s afficial nastee niggas don’t leave ur shit around

Take it back op kicks and Benetton bags
121 had the blue dime bags
Hang wit slime bags u know what I mean
Queens was place to be hanging out in baisley p
Preme team against paid in full that was crazy b
In the projects we all sold drugs
Playing video games in the softball club
Galaga pack heavy metal like Metallica
8 ball jackets and devil jeans
Niggas standing on corner drinking devil springs
The evil streets make nigga do some devilish things
These evil streets make a nigga do some devilish things
We move in the dark niggas move in the night
When the blunts get sparked only time u see the light
So move nigga move we coming thru we coming thru
Afficial nast niggas I’m sure we got a gun or two
A p 89 a tiny 25
A shinny tech 9 wit a safety on the side
It’s getting on side me and lazy eye
Yo hold me down raise you guns to the sky

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Throw your guns raise em high niguhz ain’t afraid to die
Niguh I cross my heart and stick a needle in eye
When them guns bark we ain’t shooting at the sky
Niguh niguhz on my block barely made it out alive
Spitting razors slashing faces grew up in the hell holes
Rocking phat laces and 3 stripe shell toes
We only had pagers ain’t even have cell phones
Just got out the cages ain’t even change out my jail clothes
Drinking a 40 ounce in a brown paper bag
Chillin at short house putting down so I can smash
Selling them 2 fives and 4 pounds after class
Taking a few tokes and then little paper tabs
I’m from New York cause I came from every part of it
I got the brains but I raised in the heart of it
This the ghetto but we made it a parliament
I’m on that do or die money making Harlem shit

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The A the F the F the I
The C the I the A the L
Afficial nasty
The A the F the F the I
The C the I the A the L
Afficial nasty
The A the F the F the I
The C the I the A the L
Afficial nasty

Afficial nasty
Afficial nasty niggas
Y’all ready

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