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Download Mp3: Kevo Muney – Sell Out Ft. NLE Choppa (Video | Lyrics)

Kevo Muney Sell Out Mp3 Download

The Hip-Hop Multi-Award Winning singer, record producer, Kevo Muney Featuring NLE Choppa comes up with another banger tunes title “Sell Out “ the sound is amazing now available in Video | Lyrics just for you to enjoy and download.

Listen and Download mp3: Kevo Muney – Sell Out

Kevo Muney Sell Out Ft. NLE Choppa Audio

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Kevo Muney Sell Out mp3

Download mp3 Kevo Muney Sell Out

Kevo Muney Sell Out mp3 download


Kevo Muney Sell Out Video


Kevo Muney Sell Out Lyrics

“Sell Out”

(feat. NLE Choppa)


(Memphis Track, Memphis Track Boy)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, huh, yeah, yeah, yeah
Kevo Muney
Yeah, yeah, yeah (Turn up)
Turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up
Huh, huh, huh

How you got money but can’t even bail out?
You want a show, you book me, it’s a sell out
I send a message, ain’t giving no mail out
I got the city headlock like a dreadlock
And where was you when they were callin’ me junkie?
Even in winter time, ice sunny
I call up Sloppy, he pull up, he dump it
Did what you wanna do, already done it
I don’t see nothin’ on your waist, where your gun at?
I got some niggas gon’ shoot where I point at
I caught the bomb and I ran where they punt at
I love my cousin, he crazy, his drunk ass
I want the bitch and never been in Outkast
She say, “Kevo you be fresh with your fat ass”
Walkin’ ’round the hood, they like, “Kevey, young lil’ bad ass”
And I come to Memphis to rock out a show
When I’m done with that show, I’m back outta the city
I’m never stoppin’, man, I’m never quittin’
Fuck a detective, fuck a lieutenant
I do not fuck with the police or snitches
I’m just one man, I can’t save all these bitches
Kevo Muney, hottest youngin’ in the city
I just been fuckin’ these bitches
You know I’ma peep her, don’t call me D
Everybody told me, “Get outta Memphis”
Walk down the street, [?]
I went to New York City for a meet
I walk in the building, everybody greet me
I walk in the bitch and everybody see me
Don’t come in my life, don’t come in my life if you gonna leave me, you gonna leave me
Every night, every night, I pray to get easy, pray to get easy
And I’m at the top, these niggas can’t see me, they so beneath me, they so beneath me
And I can’t even drive, want a Lamborghini, Lamborghini, Lamborghini
But how you got money but can’t even bail out?
You want a show, you book me, it’s a sell out

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Ayy, if you wan’ book, I need about fifty
A hunnid or better, depending the city
Bringin’ the gang and they comin’ in with me
A nigga look wrong and I’m poppin’ his fitted
You know when I pop out, I’m bringin’ the city
And my bitch comin’ with me, I’m grippin’ her titties
Automatic, this is not a semi and my Glock got a jimmy, ain’t doin’ no jammin’
Where’s the bread? You know I’m a bandit
Leave my kids on her head, then I’ma abandon
Two sticks in the Phantom, we ride in Atlanta
We seein’ our mans, we ready to stamp ’em
If he a reason, we leave him deceased
Line a nigga up like he had a crease
Shoot up the crib, make him cancel the lease
We might do him so bad, he might call the police

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