Download Mp3: Joyner Lucas – Ramen & OJ Ft. Lil Baby (Video / Lyrics)

Joyner Lucas Ramen & OJ Mp3 Download

The Hip hop Multi-Award Winning singer, record producer, Joyner Lucas Featuring Lil Baby comes up with another banger tunes title “Ramen & OJ “ the sound is amazing now available in Video | Lyrics just for you to enjoy and download.

Listen and Download mp3: Joyner Lucas – Ramen & OJ

Joyner Lucas Ramen & OJ Ft. Lil Baby Audio

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Joyner Lucas Ramen & OJ mp3

Download mp3 Joyner Lucas Ramen & OJ

Joyner Lucas Ramen & OJ mp3 download

Joyner Lucas Ramen & OJ Video

Joyner Lucas Ramen & OJ Lyrics

“Ramen & OJ”

(feat. Lil Baby)


Intro: Joyner Lucas]
I got some needs, I need the money like I need to breathe
I need the hunnids, a lotta
I tell that lil’ bitch I’m out of her league, out of her league
Yeah, Joyner
Joyner, Joyner, Joyner

[Verse 1: Joyner Lucas]
I got some needs, I need the money like I need to breathe
I needs some hunnids, and I need to scheme
I need the W by any means, yada-da
Yada I mean, tell that lil’ bitch that I’m outta her league
Enough is enough, and I think I’m allergic to suckers
You niggas keep makin’ me sneeze
Did them off of blood and I’m makin’ them bleed
You try to run and I’m brеakin’ your knees
I made ’em fall like I’m rakin’ thе leaves
You know I ball like I play for the league
I mean what I say and I say what I mean
I ain’t no joke, we ain’t makin’ no memes
If I pull up on ’em, I’m makin’ a scene
Bo-bo-bo, then I’m makin’ them scream
Straight from the bricks, I need a lick
I dreamed about it since I was a jit
Nigga, I’m lit, I cannot miss
Came from the bottom and got me a check
Bitch, I’m a threat, I gotta flex
You want the crown but don’t know what it takes
I am built different, I’m not what you think
I cannot lose, I go out with a bang
I hope you never say my name in vain
I’m with whatever, just not for no games
I know they say I changed, I cannot say the same
I bet they want me shackled and locked in the chains
I guess that’s just what happens with bad news
On my momma, I never been fragile
I’m the wrong one to fuck with, it’s taboo
Turn you niggas to R.I.P. tattoos
Still a youngin’ but feel like a OG
Can’t forget all this shit that they told me
Tired of niggas thinkin’ that they know me
You gon’ turn me back into the old me
You gon’ turn me back into a savage
I done did shit you couldn’t imagine
Leveled up and then bought me a mansion
I can never go back to a has-been

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Chorus: Lil Baby & Joyner Lucas]
I can never go back to the old days, no way
Back to walkin’ to work on a cold day
Back to thinkin’ my ex was my soulmate
Back to tellin’ myself, “We’ll be okay”
We’ll be okay, was survivin’ off of ramen and OJ
I was payin’ the bills, I had no safe
I can never go back to the bottom, to the bottom
Sellin’ drugs, never know when the cops come
Niggas jealous, they wanted to rob us
I was just tryna get me some dollars, couple dollars
Turn my pennies from hundreds to commas
I’m so happy them days are behind us

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[Outro: Joyner Lucas]
I’m so happy them days are behind me
I’m so happy the paper done found me
I done keep some good niggas around me
I got rid of them niggas who doubt me
Keepin’ good energy and I’m prayed up
Tunnel vision, ain’t nothin can phase us
Once you cross me, ain’t nothin’ can save you
Pull that thing out the, it’s dangerous
Bitch, I’m dangerous

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