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Download Mp3: DJ Megan Ryte – You Gotta Love Me Ft. Conway the Machine & Westside Gunn (Video / Lyrics)

DJ Megan Ryte You Gotta Love Me Mp3 Download

The Hip hop Multi-Award Winning singer, record producer, DJ Megan Ryte Featuring Conway the Machine & Westside Gunn comes up with another banger tunes title “You Gotta Love Me “ the sound is amazing now available in Video | Lyrics just for you to enjoy and download.

Listen and Download mp3: DJ Megan Ryte – You Gotta Love Me

DJ Megan Ryte You Gotta Love Me Ft. Conway the Machine & Westside Gunn Audio

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DJ Megan Ryte You Gotta Love Me mp3

Download mp3 DJ Megan Ryte You Gotta Love Me

DJ Megan Ryte You Gotta Love Me mp3 download

DJ Megan Ryte You Gotta Love Me Video

DJ Megan Ryte You Gotta Love Me Lyrics

“You Gotta Love Me”

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(feat. Conway the Machine & Westside Gunn)


I remember where it all started
Had the AR with the long cartridge
I still eat the lamb over rice
I became the man over night (no cap)
Police pulled my Lam over twice
They see it’s me they tell me, “You the man, sir. Goodnight” (goodnight, sir)
Put on for my city where the love at
Show these niggas love won’t get no love back
Put niggas in position helped them get they buzz back (I did)
I was just in cali sent a dub pack (I sent a dub nigga)
Got in this rap shit I brought the love back
I mean you niggas oughtta love that (you gotta love it)

Doo-doo-doo grrr
You gotta love it

Look, forty pointers, those the big stones (you see it bitch!)
We been gettin money my name been known (hah!)
Home with the goons we break in homes
We the type to cut off fingers and break shin bones (hahaha)
Dior Jordan 1 like I’m Kim Jones (cap)
Still hit a nigga body with mac 10 chrome (brrr!)
Even though I got this Burberry trench on (ah ha)
I come from the trenches, most my friends gone (facts)

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Somebody getting shot tonight I feel it in the air (I feel it)
Its like my city covered with that feeling of despair (tss)
Nobody feel like they gon make it, they don’t really care
I was just on Daringer couch now I’m a millionaire
I hope you use my life to be inspired by
I almost gave up too, I put my pride aside
Niggas shot my I bounced back, I ain’t die
Put my city on the map and I brought that feeling back
You gotta love it

I mean look what I became nigga
God don’t make mistakes
One thing about it not everybody gon keep it as real as you gon keep it, nigga
You out yo mutherfuckin mind if you expect that
I was just telling my peoples… when I die it’s prolly gonna be by one of my so called homeboys
Even if they ain’t the trigger man they prolly put the bag up
She was like, “don’t say shit like that, don’t say that”
I’m just being real, my nigga

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