Download Mp3: 26 AR – Eat Up (Video / Lyrics)

26 AR Eat Up Mp3 Download

The Hip hop Multi-Award Winning singer, record producer, 26 AR comes up with another banger tunes title “Eat Up “ the sound is amazing now available in Video | Lyrics just for you to enjoy and download.

Listen and Download mp3: 26 AR – Eat Up

26 AR Eat Up Audio

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26 AR Eat Up mp3

Download mp3 26 AR Eat Up

26 AR Eat Up mp3 download

26 AR Eat Up Video

26 AR Eat Up Lyrics

“Eat Up”


Drizz, you violated
Traphouse Mob
I’m ’bout to violate
Luca on the track
Drench gang (Ayy, AR)
Drench drench drench
Drench drench drench
Ayy, AR (Drench)
I do not, I do not rap but I really get busy

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In the spot and I came with the slimes
I’m recording and totin’ a .9
He drop a dime, he ain’t one of mine
He get slimed if he giving me signs
For a get back, it ain’t the time
My old bitch askin’ if I’m doing fine
I get turnt off when they whine
I get turnt on when they mine
40s and better, we uppin’ the caliber
Do not let me come out of character
Hop out the passenger, blick at the challengers
Free bro, they gave him calendars
Chasin’ this breeshy, I’ma need stamina
I’m a felon, I can’t go to Canada
You want a feature, then just hit my managers
Them niggas pussies, they really be fearing us

I may just do the unthinkable
Bitch stop lying, you lickable
All it takes is a drink or two
I’m a ooter, but I can get physical
They know I pop off, so they parry
Me and twin go together like we married
This Brooklyn shit, I carry
For a feature, them prices may vary
Please do not play, today not the day
I’m with some gangsters, bitch [?]
Whatever they claim, I just added K
Sin every second even though I pray
I could get real grimey, [?], but show ’em I’m really slimey
We promote real violence
Them boys, they don’t know timing
Amiri me to get next to me
I was broke and they ain’t even check for me
Now for a verse, it’s a check for me
We steppin’ on niggas, no sympathy
20K, no money, you kidding me
Gon’ need way more than that to get rid of me
Money long, that’s why they pree
Bitch you wifin’ is a treesh
I cannot do it and they flee
Them niggas tellin’ what they see
I wasn’t there, it wasn’t me
I am a whole different breed
I wanna see all my niggas eat
In the spot, all my niggas geek
In the spot, all my niggas geek

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