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Download Call of Duty Mobile APK

Download Call of Duty Mobile APK mod Menu to unlock more weapons and other features. Make your gameplay more enjoyable with mod Menu. It’s free to download and play. Try it now.


  • Working on emulator & real devices
  • Tested on Android 7, 8, 8.1, 9, 10 & LDPlayer Emulator Android 5. Others may not work.
  • Actual Autoban Rate with Hostfile App: 5%

1. Important never forget to use hostfile app or you will be banned for sure.

  • Hostfile App: Host_File_App.apk – Please always use Hostfile App before you login to the game.
  • Alternative Hostfile App: This is the alternative hostfile app. Only use if the normal hostfile app don’t works well for you.
    – Download 3.0: Host_File_App_3.0.apk

2. To close the menu, click the title of it.
3. Some sub-menus do need scrolling down to go back.
4. Some mod must be disabled before you join another match or it will not let you in! That cheats need to be activated on countdown and deactivated when the match ends.
– Distance Check
– FoV Check
– Shoot to aim
5. Chams & Wall are still buggy. COD tried to patch it. Instead we added distance ESP for now as alternative. We will still try to make Chams & Wall better.

How to enable necessary permissions:

1. Only necessary on Android 6+.
2. Open the app info for Call of Duty.
3. Go to permissions, enable: Phone & Storage.
4. Go to advanced and activate overlay/draw over other apps permission.
-> Overlay permission might be located and named different on each brand.
5. If your license is placed wrong or you forget one of that permissions, the game will crash right on start.

You got banned for any reason and want to make a clean, new account? Please do this:

1. Remove COD MOD
2. Delete in internal storage everything except of Android Folder, License and private files (like videos, pictures).
3. Change IP. If you are on WLAN, disconnect internet box from electric for 10 seconds. If you are on LTE, reboot device.
4. Reboot device
5. Install COD again, make new account with guest.

NOTE: This is important. If you banned once, your IP and device is flagged. That’s why you strictly need to follow this steps to be able to make a clean and fresh new account without any flags.

The original version on google play

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Download Now 1

File OBB 

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