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Christina Ricci Net Worth

In this post, we will be revealing the Net Worth of Christina Ricci, How Old Is Christina Ricci, and The Complete Bio of Christina Riccio also Ricci’s Husband and Kids- according to Wikipedia and Forbes Update.

So sit and read through as we reveal the Complete Biography of your favorite Celebrity and its current Height and Weight.

What Is Christina Ricci Net Worth?

Currently, the American Professional Actress, Script Writer, Spokesperson, And Voice Actor Christina Ricci, has an Estimated Net Worth of 10 Million Dollars as of 26/09/2022 TecroNet And Forbes Updates.

Who Is Christina Ricci?

Christina Ricci has become famous and rich because of her successful career as an actress. The actress was born in 1980 in Santa Monica, California. Christina Ricci was a student at New York City’s Professional Children’s School.

Net worth$10 Million
ProfessionActor, Spokesperson, Voice Actor
Salary$125,000 per episode
Date of birth12th February 1980
Age41 years
Height1.55m or 155cm
HusbandJames Heerdegen
FatherRalph Ricci
ResidenceBrooklyn in New York City
Last Updated:26/09/2022
Zodiac signAquarius

Christina Ricci Career

Christina Ricci

At 8 years by a local theatre critic, she had discovered when she starred in “the twelve days of Christmas” production. However, another one was cast originally, but she devised a plan for securing the role. She debuted in the film “mermaid” in 1990 as kate, Cher’s character’s youngest daughter. Also, she appeared in “the shoop song” with co-star Winona Ryder. She too starred as Wednesday Addams, a morbidly precocious girl, in “the Addams family.” Live adaption Casper was the 1st leading role of her. She is a “bastard out of Carolina” who had a supporting role.

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Personal Life

Christina Ricci is listed in different art publications of artist Mark Ryden’s muse. Ricci’s image had appeared in different sketches and oil paintings. She, on her body, had 8 tattoos. On her right shoulder, she had a lion, Edward gory figure insider her right wrist, the name jack on the right thigh, pair of praying hands on the left hip, a mermaid on the left ankle. Also, she had words bleed or move on the rib cage left side and a sweet peas bouquet on the lower back.

Christina Ricci Net Worth

Christina Ricci 1

Christina Ricci’s net worth estimated is $10 Million. As an admired American actress, she charges a sum of $125000 for every single episode. According to the rumors, she earned more than $1 million in the role in ‘Prozac Nation.’

Christina Ricci Filmography

She appeared in many films like Mermaids (1990), The Addams Family (1991), The Cemetry Club (1993), Addams family values (1993), Now and Then (1995), Casper (1995), Bastard out of Carolina (1996), Red Little Riding Hood (1997), The Ice Storm (1997), Buffalo 66 (1998), Small Soldiers (1998), Desert Blue (1998), 200 Cigarettes (1999), No Vacancy (1999), Bless the Child (2000), Miranda (2002), I Love Your Work (2003), Cursed (2005), Penelope (2005), Escaping the mental hospital (2019), Distorted (2018), The Smurfs 2(2013), etc.

Christina Ricci Awards and Nominations

She won many awards for various titles in her career life such as Best young actress supporting role in a motion picture, best-supporting actress, Best performance by a younger actor, SIFF awards for best actress, best-supporting actress, best performance by a young actress in a drama film, favorite supporting actress-suspense. She was nominated for various titles like Film-choice actress, the best female lead, the best performance in a feature film-leading young actress, the funniest actress in a motion picture, Choice movie awards- action-adventure, etc.

Christina Ricci Bio

Born on 12 February 1980, Christina Ricci is a popular actress and the youngest child of 4 children’s parents. She is of Scot- Irish, Italian and Irish. At 9 years of age, she debuted in Mermaids; she worked as Cher and Winona Ryder. Christina Ricci burst through an adult role in “The Ice Storm.” She worked with Casper van Dien and Johnny Depp in Sleepy Hollow.

Her parents got divorced after being filmed in Addams Family Values, and since then, she hasn’t commuted with her dad. She by her siblings was nicknamed Squant due to her childhood fascination. She has never studied acting formally. She suffered from anorexia when she was in her teenage.

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Christina Ricci Birthday

She was born on 12th February 1980.

Christina Ricci Born

Her date of birth is 1980 12th February and in Santa Monica, California, in the U.S.

Christina Ricci age

Christina Ricci Net Worth

As she was born on 12th February 1980 so hr age at present will be 41 years.

Christina Ricci height

The height of Christina Ricci is 1.55m or 155cm.

Christina Ricci husband

She is in year 2013 got married to James Heerdegen.

Christina Ricci children

She, with her husband, has one child named Freddie Heerdegen.

Christina Ricci father

Her father is Ralph Ricci, who works in various professions like lawyer, therapist, gym trainer, drug counselor.

Christina Ricci mother

Her mother is Sarah. She, during 1960, worked as the ford agency model.

Christina Ricci siblings

Her siblings are Rafael Ricci, her older brother, Pia Ricci, her older sister, Dante Ricci, her older brother.

Christina Ricci education

She went to many schools from the beginning of her career, like Montclair high school, Edgemont Elementary school, Glenfield Middle School, and Morristown beard school. Later on, professional children’s school was attended by her.

Christina Ricci eyes

In this case, Christina Ricci was ideal for Penelope. The feature wears a scarf in parts of the films. Her eyes are the amazing eyes in Hollywood and are literally an animated Penelope.

Christina Ricci earning a source

TV series and filmography is the source from which she earns the income. The net worth estimated is $10 Million. As an admired American actress, she charges a sum of $125000 for every single episode. According to the rumors, she earned more than $1 million in the role in ‘Prozac Nation.’ It is also believed that for the Miranda’s of out $5 million was paid to her.

Christina Ricci house and residence

Christina Ricci and her husband, James Heerdegen, bought their home in Brooklyn in New York City. The home that they bought is costing $1.995 million approximately. The size of their home is about 2205 square feet. Their home is having 3 to 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

Christina Ricci religion

Her religion is Christian, and her nationality is American.

Christina Ricci boyfriend

Christina Ricci tied up a knot with her longtime boyfriend. The boyfriend is James Heerdegen. They both exchanged vows in the intimate ceremony held at Manhattan Harold pratt’s house and Peterson hall. Both met on ABC 2011-2012 PanAm series and had announced the engagement in February.

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Christina Ricci best movies

Christina Ricci, who has turned 39, had done many movies. Some best one is Casper (1995), Penelope (2006), The Lizzie Borden Chronicles (2015), Mermaids (1990), The Addams Family (1991), Pecker (1998), Black Snake Moan (2006), Addams family values (1993), The opposite of sex (1998), Sleepy Hollow (1999), Monster (2003), Buffalo 66 (1998), The Ice Storm (1997).

Christina Ricci zodiac sign

According to her date of birth, 12th February 1980, her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Christina Ricci friends

Her best friend is Gaby Hoffmann, an actress.

Q: How old was Christina Ricci in Casper?

Christina Ricci was just 15 when she starred in a friendly ghost movie named “Casper” as Katherine Harvey.

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